Where does U.F.F. ship to?

 Mostly anywhere in India (for the moment).

 How long will my order take?

Usual delivery times range between 4 and 7 working days. If your order arrives before this, it’s cause we reallllly like you.

 Is there any delivery charge?

We provide free shipping all over India.

 Keep In Mind

* Please make sure that the shipping address is correct. If there is a change in address after the package has shipped, we might take a bit longer to get it to your door. Rest assured, we’ll do our best.

* Unfortunately, we may not be able to ship to all locations. This is entirely dependent on the courier service, and not a decision we make. If you find we are unable to deliver to you, let us know at +91-9818854245 or info@uffshop.com and hopefully we can work something out.